Introducing to our ARC Service: EESPL

Elevate your commitment to environmental compliance with Enkay Enviro Services Private Limited (EESPL), a leading environmental services provider based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Embrace sustainability and navigate regulatory complexities with confidence through our array of services, including Environmental Clearance (EC), Consent to Establish (CTE), Consent to Operate (CTO), and Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) compliance.

Whether you’re setting up a new enterprise or expanding existing operations, our team ensures your compliance with concerned regulatory authorities, fostering sustainable growth. In addition to EC, CTE, CTO, and CGWA services, EESPL extends its commitment to client satisfaction through the Annual Rate Contract (ARC). Experience unparalleled convenience and cost-effectiveness with EESPL’s ARC, easing your burden of regulatory compliance. Our tailored solutions provide clients with a streamlined approach to meet environmental standards without compromising efficiency.

Benefits of Our ARC:

  • Cost effective with a fixed annual charge: Take benefits of our special offers, discounted price, expedited service and many other benefits.
  • Efficient operation: Our highly experienced experts will manage regulatory compliances for you; timely and with great attention to detail.
  • Leverage our extensive network to expand your business: We will connect you with your prospective clients that are already associated with us.
  • Focus on the activities of your expertise: Free up your time for your operations while we handle your environmental concerns.
  • Be a part of an industrial leader: We have a rich history of enabling leading MNCs achieve their environmental and financial goals.
    Our Annual Rate Contract (ARC) Service


  • Holistic Environmental Solutions: EESPL’s services span the entire environmental compliance spectrum, offering one-stop solutions for diverse needs.
  • Expert Guidance: Rely on our experienced team to navigate the intricacies of EC, CTE, CTO, and CGWA compliance, ensuring a smooth process.
  • Client-Centric Approach: ARC exemplifies our commitment to client satisfaction, offering customized relaxation services tailored to individual requirements.
  • Industry Recognition: EESPL’s affiliations with regulatory bodies underscore our credibility and adherence to environmental norms.

Embrace a sustainable future with Enkay Enviro Services.

Connect with us to reap the benefits of our limited time ARC offers. For comprehensive environmental solutions or ARC, call us at 01414920770/71, or reach out via email at